Louise Livesay treats each client with care and compassion. Each case she handles is about her client(s), their spouse, and their relationships, not just the legalities. Louise pays close attention to family systems when working with divorcing couples or families in conflict; she knows that if there are children involved, they will always be a family, except in a new configuration.


It is said a good listener hears not only what is being said but also what remains unsaid, and clients say this is true of Louise. Oftentimes, family law cases involve a lot of talking but many clients said the first time they really felt heard was while working with Louise. She also is able to ask the right questions needed to help people identify their underlying hopes, concerns, and goals. She applies these skills in working with her clients’ spouses as well. In doing so, she works to optimize the outcome for not only each of her clients but for their family as a whole.

Win-Win Negotiating

Louise helps people focus on positive outcomes and problem solving rather than feeding unproductive dynamics or fueling hostility. This approach supports families through the challenges of the divorce process and helps them connect with their best selves in order to reach enduring agreements.

Education and Experience

Louise’s extensive professional experience, her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota, and her law degree and mediation training from Hamline University combine to give her the ideal background for helping families going through a legal and emotional transition. Because she is committed to helping families make it through these challenges, Louise regularly pursues continuing education to enhance her ability to serve clients. These things, together with her love of working with families, have made her a sought-after family law attorney in the Minneapolis-St. Paul community since 1999.

Established Presence in the Collaborative Community

A certain level of training is necessary for attorneys to be able to hold themselves out as practicing Collaborative divorce. The most committed attorneys go far beyond the basic Collaborative training. Since 2005, Louise has been a dedicated member of the community of Collaborative professionals, not only in Minnesota, but on national and international levels as well. Because of her strong relationships with other members in the community, she is able to help clients put together teams that meet their specific needs and to work within those teams, knowing everyone involved is committed to achieving the best possible agreements for the families they are serving.