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Livesay Law offers a variety of out-of-court legal services to meet your needs and those of your family. Whether you need help with a divorce, support or custody issue, pre-nuptial, post-divorce matter, an appeal of a family court determination, or simply to find out what your options are, Louise can provide you with the information, guidance, and advocacy you need. Our services include:

Pre-Divorce Consultations

If you are considering divorce, these consultations are designed to give you, or you and your spouse/partner, information about your process options so you can decide what your next steps should be and whether we are a good fit to work together. Thirty minutes free.

Collaborative Practice and Out-of-Court Divorce

Our office offers you alternatives to a litigated divorce, such as Collaborative Practice, so that you can end your marriage with as much dignity and as little hostility as possible and create a win-win outcome for your family.


We offer alternative dispute resolution services such as mediation, in which Louise Livesay is a neutral mediator and supports both people in arriving at a mutually agreeable, out-of-court resolution for their family law matter.

Discernment Counseling

If you are unsure about whether divorce is the right decision for you, you lack clarity about that decision, and need some help discerning that question, we can meet with you and discuss options available to help you gain clarity around that decision. Louise has helped several dozens of couples discuss this question, referred them to competent professionals (not necessarily marriage counseling but other resources), who can work with you and your partner to gain clarity about whether you move forward with divorce or separation, decide to work on the marriage, or continue with the status quo. Clients have found this to be an invaluable service. Fee $150 for one hour.


If you have reached an agreement with your spouse on your own or through services with other professionals, but you want an attorney to draft your agreement, Louise can take your summary and draft all necessary court documents, and submit them to court and make sure that all remaining loose ends get tied up, like transferring title on property, division of retirement assets, etc.

Appeals and Appeals Consultations

If you are considering appealing a court's decision, we can give you the information you need to decide whether an appeal should be pursued. Appeals are expensive and can take more time and money than people realize. Whether to appeal should be a carefully considered decision. Louise has valuable years of experience working in the appellate courts; therefore providing a basis for understanding the appellate process, what makes a decision appealable, the standards of review, and range of possible outcomes, including appellate mediation.

Other Family Law Needs

We can help with all types of family law matters, including paternity, separation, post-divorce issues, custody, third-party custody, prenuptial agreements, family disputes, and more. If you are seeking limited scope advice or services, Louise can discuss how best to work together to meet your needs.

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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce At Livesay Law, we are committed to a process that strives to help families make healthy and positive transitions in divorce. For this reason, we offer only out-of-court options, such as Collaborative Practice, mediation, and other cooperative proces… Read More
Pre-Divorce Consultation

Pre-Divorce Consultation

Pre-Divorce Consultation As Louise shifted the direction of her practice from the more adversarial nature of litigated divorce toward Collaborative Divorce, mediation, and other out of court options, she found that many people who came to consult with her had reached a point… Read More

Appeals & Appeal Consultations

Appeals & Appeal Consultations Cases heard in a Minnesota district court, including a family law case, can involve the district court judge making an incorrect decision. When that happens, one of the parties to the case may appeal it to a higher court. Many attorneys are unfamilia… Read More
Prenuptial Agreement

Other Family Law Needs

Other Family Law Needs Family law encompasses divorce and its related matters as well as prenuptial agreements, post-divorce matters, paternity, third-party custody, name change, and other issues that can arise between family members. Livesay Law Office helps families with… Read More


Mediation In mediation, a form of dispute resolution, people reach agreements with the support of a neutral facilitator. It is commonly used to help couples negotiate divorce agreements, although it can be used in nearly any conflict. If you and your spouse ar… Read More

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