Our Family In Two Homes is an innovative and practical resource package designed to help you work through the process of transitioning to life after divorce. The program combines Louise’s live help with a comprehensive workbook geared to your family's specific circumstances. It encourages self-reflection and openness, with the goal of enabling you to reach a separation agreement that will work for your family in a cost-effective way.

Our Family in Two Homes Resource Package

The Workbook will support you:

  • Getting legal information about all aspects of divorce;
  • Improving communication during and after the separation;
  • Building a strong co-parenting relationship;
  • Helping you prepare for the decisions you will be making around parenting, finances, support and division of assets; and
  • Help Louise learn what you need so she can best support you.

The first part of the workbook is self-guided work you do at your own pace that assists Louise, as your lawyer or mediator, focus on what is important to you. The workbook helps prepare you for the discussions you will have with your spouse through the divorce process, with the assistance of Louise and any other professionals you work with. The workbook and Louise’s guidance will help you move more efficiently towards an agreement with your spouse.

For more information about Our Family in Two Homes Resource Package, please contact me at louise@livesaylawoffice.com