Because divorce, custody, paternity, separation and other family matters are deeply personal situations, they are best resolved with thoughtful legal help. The prospect of finding the right kind of help, and dealing with the family law system, however, is a daunting one for most people.

Family law matters stir up a variety of emotions: grief, frustration, anger and pain, as well as anxiety about finances, upcoming changes, the legal process, and its aftermath. Most people get their information about divorce from family and friends who have experienced it. Additionally, media often highlights nasty divorces. Consequently, people’s impressions of divorce are usually negative and tend to increase apprehension about divorce and the family law system.

Luckily, there are alternatives to the fighting, bitterness, and escalating hostility that most people associate with divorce and family law. For people who want to resolve their issues in a way that meets the needs of everyone involved, Livesay Law Office makes available out of court options like Collaborative Practice and mediation. She focuses on resolving legal matters out of court in a way that lowers anxiety and results in people saying, “I can live with this. This works for me and my family.”

As a result, working outside of the court process allows for creative problem solving. It creates a financial agreement and comprehensive settlement that maximizes the families’ financial resources, and does not put children in the middle of conflict.