Dogs fight over a yellow octopus toy Concept image for alternative dispute resolution (adr).

Forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Minnesota

Going through a divorce isn’t easy, and the litigation process can make it that much harder. Fortunately, you don’t need to go through a stressful, lengthy, and contentious battle in court to end your marriage. In Minnesota, there are several for… Read More
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Laughing little girl playing with box. Concept for legal blog: Do I Need Permission to Relocate Out of State with My Child?

Do I Need Permission to Relocate Out of State with My Child?

Custody is often one of the most emotional issues in a divorce or when an unmarried couple chooses to part ways. While both parents want what’s best for their child, disagreements can arise about where the child should live — especially if a pare… Read More
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During their meeting, three unrecognizable businesswomen have serious discussion. Two of the women look down at paperwork, as the third gestures and speaks. Concept for How a Family Business is Valued and divided in Divorce?

How is a Family Business Valued and Divided in Divorce?

If you or your spouse owns a business and you decide to part ways, you might be wondering “how is a business valued in a divorce?” Often, a business is the most valuable asset a couple owns. While you may have spent years, or even decades, growin… Read More
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Woman staring towards the window, thinking about what she needs in preparing for divorce Sitting at home office desk laptop.

Tips on Preparing for Divorce

Preparing for divorce can be difficult — not only emotionally and financially, but it can also take a toll on your physical health. If you’re planning to part ways with your spouse, it’s important to know what steps you can take to plan for the… Read More
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Broken heart and healed heart - Concept of healing after a divorce.

Working Through Your Emotions After a Divorce

Even if your divorce is amicable, ending a marriage is never easy. It’s completely normal to feel a wide range of emotions when you’re going through a divorce. From sadness to anger, denial, grief, stress, guilt, and frustration to elation and re… Read More
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Indian family having fun at park

Tips for Maintaining a Relationship with Your Ex-in-Laws

When you end a marriage, you don’t only divorce your spouse — you also part ways with your former in-laws. However, you may have developed a strong bond with your in-laws and wish to keep in touch with them. Or if you have children, you might hav… Read More
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Puzzle house is divided into two equal parts by a lawyer in a divorce process. Protection of rights. Concept for Non-Marital Property

What are Non-Marital Assets?

Dividing assets and property is often one of the most difficult issues couples face in divorce. Although only property acquired during the course of the marriage is subject to an equitable division, non-marital assets can present another challenge, p… Read More
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Young girl stands at the kitchen table making cakes with her father, tasting the cake mix, close up. Concept for co parenting in different states

Co-Parenting and Summer Break Schedules in Different States

Co-parenting is challenging enough — but it can become even more complicated when school is out for the summer and the children are splitting their time between parents who live far apart or in different states. When co parenting in different state… Read More
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Mother hugging and playing with her little son on the floor. Concept for How to Make Transitions Easier for Your Child After Divorce.

Tips to Make Transitions Easier for Your Child

Divorce doesn’t only have an impact on the couple — it affects the children as well. After a divorce, the children will likely not see both their parents on a daily basis. They might also have to adjust to a new environment if a parent has moved.… Read More
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Female lawyer woman holding pen with contract. Concept for Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney at the Consultation

Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney at the Consultation

Meeting a divorce attorney for the first time might feel overwhelming. However, there are a few things you can do in advance to prepare for the consultation, including compiling a list of questions you might have. It’s important to have a basic und… Read More
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