The highest commendation we can receive is the satisfaction of our clients. Here are the words of some of the clients we have helped through Collaborative divorce, mediation, and out-of-court settlement.

I cannot speak highly enough of Louise Livesay and the skills, knowledge, and wisdom she brings to divorce and family law. I was recommended to her in the earliest phases, and she truly went above and beyond to thoughtfully and patiently answer questions and provide guidance as I navigated an incredibly stressful divorce situation.

– Sara C., ★★★★★ Google Review, July 2022

Thank you, Louise for your time and care. The experience my ex-husband and I had during the Collaborative Process was as pleasant as we could have expected. Louise, thank you for your respect, understanding and empathy. You answered any and all questions during a stressful time. You helped me feel understood and did a wonderful job of representing me and exemplifying a respectful process.

– Beth, Arden Hills, Collaborative client

I was very pleased with the support and counsel Louise provided. She was very caring and always had my best interest in mind. I would recommend her highly.

– Greg, St. Paul, Collaborative client

You hold a special place in my heart because of the representation that I received from you. I always felt like “more than just a client” with you. You had so much compassion and kindness throughout my process and it touched me deeply. The rock that you sent me after my process was complete, said “Believe” on it. Ironically, that was my motto at the time and has been ever since.

– Sherry, Cottage Grove, Collaborative client

Louise was very easy to work with. She is professional, yet also down to earth. I felt extremely comfortable with Louise. She knew my case, and helped me [be] at ease without false or unrealistic outcomes; she’s honest. I highly recommend Louise as a divorce attorney!

– Karen, Plymouth, Collaborative client

I am grateful for the advocacy and support I got from Louise and Shelly. My whole family benefits from the choices we made through Louise’s guidance through the Collaborative Process. I would and have highly recommended your law office to others.

Words that describe my opinion of Livesay Law Office: caring, competent, professional, excellent communication, compassionate, experienced, proactive, cooperative, patient, accessible, resourceful, knowledgeable, authentic, calm, wise in emotional/social dynamics of couples and families, effective, strong.

I could not have known how to ask for the ways that Louise helped me through the divorce. It is a blessing that I was fortunate to have found my way to her at a terrifically hard time in my life when I was afraid and not good at advocating for myself. I shudder to think of my case with any other attorney.

– Kris, St. Paul, Collaborative client

Thank you for all you’ve done for me. You have been a great legal confidante and I truly appreciate your sincere compassion for my plight. When I compare my service with stories I’ve heard from others, I realize that I made a great choice.

– Dave, White Bear, Collaborative client

Thanks for all your support. If the circumstances were different, I would hope that we could be friends, but I know that isn’t possible in this situation. Truly caring people are getting harder and harder to find, and I really appreciate that in you. Thanks again.

– Carol, St. Paul, Collaborative client

Thank you Louise and Shelly for all you have done for me. I strongly recommend Livesay Law Office. I was treated very well and Louise fought for me until the end, when I was ready to give up some of my rights. Thank you!

– Clea, St. Paul, Collaborative client

I can’t imagine having a better representative than Louise. She balances protection of her client (me) with the collaborative approach. She is an excellent listener and really seemed to care about me and about my future.

– Laurel, St. Paul, Collaborative client

Louise is a generous listener in that she allows you space and time to talk about what matters to you and what you want to accomplish with your case. She is empathetic, extremely professional and experienced in finding collaborative solutions to a potential conflict.

– Becca, St. Paul, Collaborative client

I really appreciated the entire collaborative team; the support through this most difficult time was immeasurably helpful. I found Louise and the team’s understanding when dealing with a substance-abusing spouse extremely insightful. … The entire team had our daughter’s interests at the forefront. [My husband’s attorney] was helpful in this aspect, aware of the pitfalls in dealing with an alcoholic. Thank you, Louise, especially in help[ing] me through this, supporting my goals and providing a positive environment.

– Bonnie, St. Paul, Collaborative client

I’m still glad I chose you to represent me. I think you’re an inspiration to all women out there. Many need someone to have their back when they need to divorce their abusive husbands. I am now back in school and living a healthy life with my kids.

– Esther, Roseville, Collaborative client

I was very glad to have Louise representing me in a process full of unknowns to me, and extremely stressful. She provided calm and knowledgeable counsel throughout.

– Lloyd, St. Paul, Collaborative client

We feel sincerely grateful for all the care and attention that you devoted to helping us through this difficult process. Your sensitivity to our values and emotions allowed us to continue to move forward at our own pace.

– Diane, St. Paul, mediation client

Louise did an exceptional job given a very difficult situation. I would recommend her services to anyone.

– Chris, St. Paul, mediation client

Louise, Thank you for your services during a very difficult time. Your objectiveness, timeliness, and professionalism were appreciated. Thanks again.

– Anonymous

Louise and her staff are knowledgeable and professional! I highly recommend them.

– Jason, St. Paul, out-of-court

Getting divorced is hard. Louise made it easier. I really felt that Louise listened to my concerns every step of the way, and then advocated for me in difficult moments. She did a lovely job helping me understand what to expect and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

– Crystal, St. Paul, out-of-court client

Louise was an excellent, compassionate and thoughtful support on the divorce path. At all times respectful and professional. She helped me be a more thoughtful and honorable person in a difficult process.

– Jonathan, St. Paul, out-of-court client

Louise is a very attentive and thoughtful [attorney], with just a touch of toughness when required. She de-escalates situations when needed while firmly working for a fair resolution for clients. I highly recommend Louise Livesay to anyone looking for a lawyer who respects the law and one with a social conscience.

– Donna, Minneapolis, out-of-court client

I would highly recommend Louise Livesay’s services. My husband and I were looking for someone who could help us nail down a few details of our divorce and draw up paperwork for what was a relatively amicable divorce. Louise provided the exact services we needed, helped us to make good decisions, and keep our legal costs to a minimum.

– Terri, Roseville, out-of-court client

Livesay Law may appear small however performance is big!

– Ken, Oakdale, out-of-court client

When I started the divorce process, I was overwhelmed and uncertain about my future. With the help of Louise, I was able to work through the process and set myself and my daughter for long term success.

– Jennifer, St. Paul, out-of-court client

Louise exhibited extreme patience while working with a difficult ex, an opposing attorney with no collaborative experience, and yes this difficult client. She always searched for alternative solutions when an impasse was reached.

– Quintin, St. Paul, out-of-court client

I believe that Louise Livesay is one of the best family lawyers in the Twin Cities and would recommend her services to anyone.

– Randall, Maplewood, out-of-court client

I found the help and counsel of Louise to be comforting and empowering. She helped me think through details I had no idea even existed. I truly felt like she was an advocate for my needs and best interests.

– Kate, St. Paul, out-of-court client

Louise and Shelly work as a great team. They truly want to reach an amicable agreement and are tough on their resolve to do so.

– Jeanie, St. Paul, out-of-court client

I was completely satisfied with the help I received from Livesay Law Office. Louise spent time with me to understand my situation and what I was looking for in our Collaborative divorce. I deeply appreciated her counsel and guidance through the process. I would highly recommend Livesay Law Office. Louise was just what I needed at a very difficult time in my life.

– Jan, Forest Lake, Collaborative client
Louise is an extremely knowledgeable and very helpful attorney. The work Louise provided in the area of mediation ensured a fair and equitable split. She was responsive and always professional. Thank you so much for your assistance and professionalism during this time. I couldn't imagine a better outcome.
★★★★★5 Stars Review
– Anonymous 18 April 2017
I was referred to Louise by my estate attorney. After meeting with her, I decided to hire her for my dissolution. She was professional, empathetic and made a difficult situation much better. I can't imagine having gone through that process without her.
January 2018
★★★★★5 Stars Review
– Robert January 2018
Louise did a great job with a tough situation. I appreciated all her help, advice and kindness. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a collaborative attorney!
★★★★★5 Stars Review
– Kathy August 2008

I couldn't be more pleased that Louise Livesay was my attorney. I was very nervous about the whole process. She kept me well informed, communicated in a timely manner and, most of all, I knew she had my best interests at heart. She was able to handle a high conflict case very well. She stood her ground & helped me to also do so. I got the result I wanted thanks to Louise.

– Nicole, Eden Prairie, Collaborative client

Louise is compassionate, caring, smart and practical. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking divorce help. Louise was incredibly respectful of my same-sex marriage even as it was ending.

– Gretchen, St. Paul, out-of-court client

Louise made sure I was always comfortable, and maintained consistent communication. She made the process easy. The process was explained to me in full detail. We have a good co-parenting relationship for our son. I would highly recommend Louise to others.

– William, St. Paul, out-of-court paternity client