Saint Paul, Minnesota divorce attorney Louise Livesay helps Minnesota families dealing with a variety of family law conflicts, including divorce, divorce mediation, pre-divorce consultation and family law mediation. Family law disputes can be challenging to all parties involved, and many people believe that going to court is the only way to do so. Louise offers a collaborative process alternative that may be better for you and your family: Collaborative Divorce.

Louise is an advocate of Collaborative Law, a form of alternative dispute resolution that gives individuals more control over the process and the outcome of their family law matters. This approach is most commonly used for divorce cases, but can also be beneficial in resolving a wide range of family law issues such as custody battles and parenting time conflicts. Louise strives to help her clients resolve their disputes without the need for court intervention, believing that, with the right support, most can do so amicably and respectfully. Louise welcomes you to contact her to discuss your unique situation.

  • Collaborative Law 101
    • The collaborative divorce process practice recognizes that divorce isn’t just a legal process in a couple’s life; it’s an emotional, financial, relational, and, for some, a spiritual one as well.
  • Your Options Explained
    • Livesay Law Office can give you more information about divorce options as they relate to your particular situation and help you evaluate the best approach for your family.
  • Is Collaborative for Everyone?
    • Collaborative Practice is not just for low-conflict families, but also for families where there is high conflict, overwhelming feelings of hurt and betrayal, addiction, mental health issues, and other complicating factors
  • Frequent Questions
    • Know that Collaborative Practice recognizes the value in going slowly enough to make sure the needed details and emotional concerns are addressed, but quickly enough to keep both members of a couple feeling like progress is being made.