At Livesay Law, we are committed to a process that strives to help families make healthy and positive transitions in divorce. For this reason, we offer only out-of-court options, such as Collaborative Practice, mediation, and other cooperative processes for reaching divorce settlements.

Collaborative Practice

Your marriage was more than just a legal contract. Like marriage, divorce has emotional and financial components. Collaborative Practice addresses all of these. Louise Livesay has more than 20 years of experience advising clients in hundreds of cases and extensive training in this process and is a respected leader and colleague in this area.

Louise can help you assemble a team of professionals to provide guidance and support for every aspect of your divorce so you can cost-effectively use the skills of professionals for the issues that need to be resolved. This includes recommending another Collaborative attorney for your spouse and helping you select other professionals, if needed, such as divorce coach, financial neutral, and neutral child specialist to fit your family’s specific needs. We tailor a process based on your needs.

In Collaborative Practice, the team of professionals supports the parties in communicating their interests and needs and crafting a comprehensive agreement that is customized for their situation. Many couples find that the skills they developed reaching a final agreement through the Collaborative process helps them to resolve issues that arise in the future without resorting to court intervention.


Louise Livesay is a trained family mediator with many years of experience acting as a neutral who supports couples to fairly and respectfully negotiate a divorce settlement.

In mediation, the mediator helps the parties identify the issues they need to resolve, gather the necessary information, and supports them in working toward a solution to which they both can agree. While mediation addresses the same issues as a court or Collaborative divorce, in mediation the mediator does not offer legal advice or advocate for either party.

If people do mediation with another mediator but want advice while going through mediation or an attorney to draft the court documents or review them for you, Louise can provide services based on your need.

Other Out-Of-Court Options

Louise Livesay is committed to helping people resolve issues out of court and believes that most people, with the right support, can do that peacefully and respectfully. If your spouse is working with an attorney that is also committed to out-of-court settlement or your spouse does not want to retain an attorney but you do, Louise is effective and skilled in problem solving and reaching resolution as your counselor at law.

Collaborative Practice and mediation are excellent options for many families, but not all divorces are appropriate for these processes. If yours is one of those cases, Louise can refer you to a number of reputable attorneys whose services will better meet your needs and those of your family.

If you're not sure which option is right for you and your family, or even if you should move forward with a divorce, contact Livesay Law Office for a no-obligation Pre-Divorce Consultation to learn more about processes and options.

Livesay Law Office is located in the Heritage Rose Professional Building in St. Paul, and Louise Livesay is also available to meet at a satellite location in Edina for client convenience. We invite you to contact us online or by phone at 651-294-2338 to schedule a consultation.