Appeals, Appeal Consultations, and Appellate Mediation


Cases heard in a Minnesota district court, including a family law case, can involve the district court judge making an incorrect decision. When that happens, one of the parties to the case may appeal it to a higher court. Many attorneys are unfamiliar with the appellate process and do not understand the standards applied to a case on appeal. An appellate court is bound by very clear standards in reviewing each case. Appeals can be expensive and you do want to spend your money wisely.

Experience with Appeals

Louise worked at the Minnesota Court of Appeals for four years, and has the background to help evaluate whether a case has a likelihood of success on appeal. So, if you believe that there is reason to appeal a lower court decision in your family law matter, you should contact Louise for a straightforward assessment of your case. She can explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case and help you to determine whether it is in your best interest to pursue an appeal.

Appellate Mediation

The state of Minnesota encourages parties who appeal a district court decision to instead resolve the matter through appellate mediation. There are advantages to appellate mediation, including a faster outcome as well as reduced legal fees compared to a full appeal. Also, some parties feel heard for the first time during appellate mediation. In addition to her experience with Minnesota family law and the appeals process, Louise is also an experienced mediator and can assist clients through the appellate mediation process as their attorney.

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