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Forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Minnesota

Going through a divorce isn’t easy, and the litigation process can make it that much harder. Fortunately, you don’t need to go through a stressful, lengthy, and contentious battle in court to end your marriage. In Minnesota, there are several for… Read More
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Tips on Preparing for Divorce

Preparing for divorce can be difficult — not only emotionally and financially, but it can also take a toll on your physical health. If you’re planning to part ways with your spouse, it’s important to know what steps you can take to plan for the… Read More
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Broken heart and healed heart - Concept of healing after a divorce.

Working Through Your Emotions After a Divorce

Even if your divorce is amicable, ending a marriage is never easy. It’s completely normal to feel a wide range of emotions when you’re going through a divorce. From sadness to anger, denial, grief, stress, guilt, and frustration to elation and re… Read More
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Puzzle house is divided into two equal parts by a lawyer in a divorce process. Protection of rights. Concept for Non-Marital Property

What are Non-Marital Assets?

Dividing assets and property is often one of the most difficult issues couples face in divorce. Although only property acquired during the course of the marriage is subject to an equitable division, non-marital assets can present another challenge, p… Read More
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A Parenting Plan Checklist

If you and your spouse have decided to part ways, creating a solid parenting plan that meets the best interests of your children is crucial. This is a document that is not only required by the court — but it can also help lay a positive foundation… Read More
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Caucasian ethnicity couple arguing during counselor meeting concept for My Spouse Won’t Agree to Mediation — What Can I Do?

My Spouse Won’t Agree to Mediation — What Can I Do?

Divorce litigation can be a lengthy process, and it doesn’t always result in the best outcome. Due to the cost-effectiveness and low-conflict approach utilized, alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and collaborative divorce have… Read More
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One of the beneficial aspects of collaborative divorce is that it can be done via virtual meeting platforms from anywhere.

Location is Not an Issue in Collaborative Divorce

If you are considering divorce, there are several different methods that can be used. One way to divorce that has become increasingly popular as a result of the pandemic is collaborative divorce. The collaborative process does not involve going to co… Read More
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A stack of multicolored credit cards on black background. Concept for Debt and Divorce: Am I Responsible for my Spouse’s Debt?

Debt and Divorce: Am I Responsible for my Spouse’s Debt?

Under Minnesota family law, a spouse is not responsible for their spouse’s debt unless they are a co-signer, with a few exceptions. Spouses and their attorneys must look closely at all of their debts to determine who is responsible for paying them… Read More
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Portrait of mother with her daughter of 12 years old with Down Syndrome concept of Divorce When You Have a Special Needs Child.

Getting a Divorce When You Have a Special Needs Child

When a marriage is dissolved, it can take a major toll on parents and their children. However, when there is a special needs child involved there are additional issues that need to be addressed. Parents must be willing to work collaboratively on thes… Read More
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Collaborative Divorce vs. Mediation

Collaborative Divorce vs. Mediation: Choosing What’s Best for Your Situation

Minnesota family law provides several forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that let you keep your divorce out of the regular court system. In divorce mediation, a neutral third party works with both of you to help you reach agreements on the… Read More
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