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Collaborative Divorce vs. Mediation

Collaborative Divorce vs. Mediation: Choosing What’s Best for Your Situation

Minnesota family law provides several forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that let you keep your divorce out of the regular court system. In divorce mediation, a neutral third party works with both of you to help you reach agreements on the… Read More
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Divorce Mediation

Tips for a Successful Divorce Mediation

If you are involved in a divorce in Minnesota, a skilled mediator and a divorce mediation attorney can help you make the most of the process. Read More
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5 Rules for Facebook during Divorce

Facebook is such a handy way to communicate what is going on in your life. It is a quick way to communicate life changes, events, accomplishments and information to people. And then people let you know they hear your news and can respond with a comme… Read More
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